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V8 - Stimulant Party Pill (boost your energy and socializing)

V8 is a strong Synephrine formula that rises your energy levels and intensifies your whole party experience. V8 contains an all natural blend of herbal extracts that will catapult your energy, an elevated sensory, tingly, euphoric high, and have you at your best at any rave party. V8 contains an Love/Energy blend that will catapult your liveliness and boost your socializing.
A brand new legal party pill, V8 is a genuinely fabulous social booster that gives you a perception of euphoria, exhilaration and a combination of desire and energy to party for six long hours.
Each pill contains: Phenylethylamine, Caffeine, Hordenine, Geranium extract and Piperine.
Dosage: Take 2 pills 30mins before party.
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Hi-Octane - Energize (speed up pill)

Hi Octane party pill is perfect for anybody who enjoys to socialize, party hard, or rave each weekend. Hi Octane is developed for greatest efficiency and it is the perfect product to any party or night out.
This energy boosting pill can make you happy and give you a mind blowing buzz that allows you to party the night away without any "come-down" effects that are seen in most other (illegal) party pills.

Each pill contains: Synephrine, Camellia sinensis (natural caffeine), Citrus aurantium extract (oxedrine) and Piperine.
Dosage: Take 1 pill 45mins prior to the desired effect.
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TNT party pill - True Energy (Alertness, Energy, Stamina)

TNT delivers a fast accelerating energy rush, with an adrenaline high. It also causes the effects of exalted alertness, increased energy, power and stamina. The most important ingredient of TNT party Pills is Synephrine. Synephrine is a derivative of geranium oil which is a magnificent CNS (central nervous system) stimulant with euphoric properties, appropriate for leisure use like a legal alternative to amphetamine (speed) and BZP, and not less important is the fact that Synephrine is still legal worldwide.
Each pill contains: Caffeine anhydrous, Geranium Extract, Camellia sinensis, and Piperine.
Dosage: Take 1 pill 45mins prior to the desired effect. Dosage: Take 1 pill to support energy.
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Space Trips - Sensory Enhancements (cns stimulator)

SPACETRIPS is a natural, smart, safe and legal sensory booster. This party pill is the only one legal pill capable of ride you to the moon and get back, allowing you to walk through the door to an alternate reality, enhancing your energy level, increasing creativity making profound visuals and powerful sensitivity. With this pill you could experience to be traveling through a vast kingdom of inner space, a world as fascinating as that of Alice in Wonderland. In other words a blending together of sight, sound, taste, and touch.
Each pill contains: Galangal, Geranamine, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Piperine.
Dosage: Take 1 pill 90mins prior to the desired effect with a glass of water or fruit juice. For best results take it on an empty stomach. Take 2 pills 45mins before party.
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Party Powder - Dex (euphoric energy booster)

Dex powder is an effective blend of naturally occurring and syntheticly derived herbal extracts and Aminos. Dex powder works similar to extracts from the South American Coca plant delivering you exhilaration and satisfaction while createing a euphoric energy rush. Great for dance parties where are a lot of people for anyone who wants to boost their socializing skills. Dex Party Powder keeps you highly loaded for all night long. DEX is a derivative which is similar to the body's own chemical messenger, epinephrine (adrenaline). Like adrenaline, DEX is a truly efficient CNS (central nervous system) stimulant.
Dosage: 50-100mg. 1g is enough for 10 - 20 doses. Wait 3hrs between doses.
DEX contains: Barley, Paullinia cupana, Kigelia africana, broccoli, Amino acids Taurine, beta alanine.
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Sex Intense - Aphrodisiac

Formulated with natures most powerful aphrodisiacs and sex tonics that optimize sexual pleasure and orgasm sensation. For men and women who want to have mind blowing orgasms, rock hard erections and the most amazing sexual sensations imaginable. Sex Intense contains quality extracts of high potent nature aphrodisiacs that increases the potency of active ingredients and adds its own effects to the increasing male stamina and getting mind blowing orgasms for both partners.

Each pill contains:
Galangal extract, Lactuca Virosa extract, Cnidium Monnier extract, Mucuna pruriens extract, and Niacin.
Dosage: Take 1 pill 90mins prior to the desired effect.
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Big Daddy - Energy Party Pill (energy, clarity, mood)

Big Daddy party pill is a powerfull blend of natural caffeine's that will enhance your liveliness, strengthen your lucidity, and keep you agile and in a flawless positive mood. Using BigDaddy pills, you will be able to live to the expectation of your group and have a blast no matter how hectic and tiring the day that has gone by was. If You're looking for all night raving assistance with a pumping power raise then Big Daddy is the best solution for you. It is perfect for a rapid pure energy boost whenever you feel the necessity for it.
Each pill contains: Paullinia cupana, Camellia sinensis, Sida cordifolia, Caffeine anhydrous, and Piperine.
Dosage: Take 1 pill 45mins prior to the desired effect.
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Mello Man - Relaxant (stress remedy)

Mello Man reduces feelings of stress and restores mental calmness without drowsiness, grogginess or fatigue. You will just feel the peacefulness of lettuce opium and let yourself be in harmony and peace. It is non-addictive and safe for daily use. Mello Man is a terrific relaxation herbal recipe, fantastic mixture and balance of natural herbal extracts that emulate the effects of opium. Excellent if you are stressed, or just wanting to relax. MelloMAN pills are non-addictive, absolutely legal and can be taken anywhere.
Warning: Do not operate machinery or drive after taking Mello Man pill.
Each pill contains: Wild lettuce, Valerian, Scull cap, Passion flower, Withania somnifera
Dosage: Take 1-3 pills 45mins prior to the desired effect.
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Hyperdrive - Stimulant pills (all night long energy)

Hyperdrive is a perfect legal substitute to amphetamine that delivers enough energy to keep your energy levels at maximum all night, ideal for any night out. Hyperdrive boosts your confidence in abilities. Especially in speech and conveying thoughts to others. Duration 4-5 hours with no come down. With no bad comedown or adverse side effects. Ideal Party Pill for stay out all night long.
The usual dose is
: 1 capsule and will last 3 hrs, and result in greatly increased energy levels. You may take an additional dose when you feel the initial dose wearing off. If you suffer any health problems or are on medications check with your doctor first.
Contains powerful extracts of: Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea, and Piper Nigrum. Active drugs in each capsule: Oxedrine 30mg, Caffeine 66mg
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NeuroBlaster - Stimulant (energy, altered perception) - 90 PILLS

Keep yourself well and truly in the zone with NeuroBlaster Party Pills for party people! It is simply an ideal mood and energy booster pill that is perfect for any kind of rave or dance parties. NeuroBlaster is Party Pill that give you waves of warm sensations and pure euphoria for all-night rave parties! This natural mix contains herbal extracts that are psychoactive and have true Ecstasy effects!
Dosage: The usual dose is 1 capsule and will last 3 hrs, and result in increased energy levels, and altered perception. You may take an additional dose when you feel the initial dose wearing off. Experienced users can take up to 6 pills in a 24 hours period.
Contains powerful extracts of: Mucuna Pruriens, St Johns Wort, Passion Flower, Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea and Piper Nigrum. Active drugs in each capsule: Oxedrine 20mg, Caffeine 30mg
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Slowdown - Relaxant (stress remedy true relaxation)

Party pill perfect for meditation, musing, helping in sleep, or just want to lose awareness of the surroundings in your preferred chair in front of the T.V.  Ideal for anyone wanting to relax after a hard day at a stressful job. SlowDown pill is a great solution to calm down your nervous system, can be used as natural pain killer. The effects of consuming of SlowDown capsules are pretty comparable to opium, although no opiates are present in this relaxant party pill.
Dosage: The usual dose is 1 - 3 capsules, 1hr before the desired effects. Experienced users can take up to 6 pills in a 24 hr period. Do not operate machinery or drive after taking this product.
Contains powerful extracts of:
Wild lettuce, Valerian, Scull cap, Passion flower, Withania somnifera, and Piper nigrum.
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Sextreme - Aphrodisiac

Sextreme is a potent blend of herbal libido enhancer's that enhances the whole orgasm experiance and turns into a euphoric event. Sextreme works equally well for both men and women who wish to increase sex drive and have some new and the greatest sexual sensation imaginable. Sextreme is prepared from a specialty blend of powerful herbs and chemical compounds which are strong but at the same very safe to take. 

Dosage: Take 1 - 3 pills before sex.
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Cocoa Extract - Energy party pill - 60 PILLS

Even though cocoa is usually eaten for pleasure in the form of chocolate, there are a lot of health benefits. Other than its mood uplifting effects, Cocoa may positively affect the raising the levels of serotonin in the body, circulatory system, lower cholesterol levels in adults.  Substance called theobromine, a central nervous system stimulant that has a similar stimulating effect as caffeine, lifting your mood, gives you all the benefits of eating chocolate without the calories. It may give you a healthy energy boost if you're feeling low during the day. Taking cocoa in a pill form has none of the sugar or calories of a dark chocolate bar. Surely, this is the healthiest best party pill!

Dosage: Take 1 - 3 pills as required.
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Spermomax - Sperm and sexual Enhancer

Spermomax will optimise your sperm volume, and support normal erectile function. Spermomax contains herbal aphrodisiacs will ensure you will always be ready for sex. So, If you want to impress your partner in bed after a good time with our best party pills, if you want to cum a lot like a pornstar, be as hard as ever, you should consider about getting these pills.

Dosage: Take 2 pills daily.
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Best Party Pills - Energy Pills - Maximum Strenght Herbal Highs

We are glad you are visiting Best Party Pills Online Shop website. We offer you a large range of high quality herbal party pills, developed to enhance your mood, boost your energy or just relax your body and chilled night in. All our products have been forcefully tested for efficiency and developed to perfection, using only top quality ingredients. Each of our pills is the best shot of yours. We have formulated our pills in such a way that they can be shipped world wide, and are truly effective. They are free from such banned substances as benzylpiperazine (BZP), amphetamines, etc. 

Herbal Party Pills are capable of producing numerous effects depending upon the particular blend you choose. Our Herbal Party Pills can be energy aids, relaxation aids, mental stimulators, aphrodisiacs, sleep aids, or antidepressants. Each blend is truly unique and you will find them all to be of the highest quality and maximum possible strenght.

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Warning: Do not exceed the recommended dose. Not for sale to minors (under the age of 18).